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Real estate is a major investment for individuals and businesses, and it usually accounts for a substantial portion of their entire net worth.  However, few people and companies seek the advice of independent legal counsel before making important decisions related to these investments.  From the purchase or sale and everything in between, Zaharevich Law Office can help guide you through the most challenging real estate transactions so you know your investment is secure and your decisions are sound.

Dan represents clients in the following real estate law matters:

  • Purchase agreement and sale agreement negotiation and drafting
  • Lease agreement negotiation and drafting
  • Failure to disclose defects claims
  • Easements and boundary disputes
  • Zoning and land use
  • Construction law (construction contract disputes)
  • Failure to close, default

When conflicts arise between homeowners and purchasers or with a vendor to the transaction, it is best to find qualified counsel early on.  Contact Daniel Zaharevich for a free consultation at 202-753-5047.

Negotiations to Buy or Sell Commercial Real Estate Investment Properties

Zaharevich Law Office will work tirelessly to get you the best value for your investment.  Dan is committed to establishing an agreement that reflects the negotiated business deal and further protects the interests of the client. When buying commercial real estate, the firm protects clients from unforeseen traps and unfamiliar terms. The firm also conducts due diligence and identifies concerns that could later cause problems with the intended use or value of the property.

Commercial Real Estate Lease Negotiations

​For retail companies and small businesses opening their first location or growing into another, assistance from qualified counsel with ensure your lease terms are compatible with your goals. A thorough review of a draft lease will provide you with the insight you desire.

Continued Commercial Real Estate and Business Law Services

Businesses in growth stages demand experienced and insightful legal support, quickly. For these businesses, the firm can team up with your general counsel or act as outside counsel on many legal topics that come up from time to time.

Washington, D.C. and Maryland Business


Zaharevich Law Office can guide you along the path to success as soon as your business idea comes to light.  The path continues when a business entity is selected and the business is created under the laws of the jurisdiction you have chosen.

The firm will give you the personal attention you value. You will decide what form of business entity you wish to establish. The type you choose will bear on your tax liability.  From discussing your goals to learning the details of your business, the options will be laid out so you can decide the correct course of action, the content of your operating agreement, and other documents that might be necessary.

Zaharevich Law Office represents clients in the following business matters:

  • Selection and Formation of your Business Entity
  • File DBA
  • Contract Drafting Services
  • Business Licenses
  • Business Consulting
  • General Counsel Services
  • Independent Contractor Agreement

Joint Venture Agreements

​Forming a joint venture can be challenging. The firm will ensure that your joint venture agreement clearly specifies management rights and control of the entity, as well as what capital contributions are required, when, and how distributions will be handled.

Washington, D.C., Commercial Lease or Business Contract Disputes

All businesses rely on agreements to formalize relationships and protect their rights and interests. It is not surprising that these contracts are the basis for many business disputes. These issues could involve a substantial amount of time or money to resolve by yourself. If you are interested in pursuing a claim or have been accused of breaching an agreement, Zaharevich Law Office will act to protect your interests and resolve the dispute to your satisfaction.



Zaharevich Law Office provides zealous representation willing to do what is necessary to protect your rights.  The firm can switch gears from skillful negotiations to aggressive courtroom work, depending on the needs of your case. Everything that can be done to meet your goals will be done.  At the outset of our relationship, we will take the time to get to know your goals to ensure that every step we take is a step in the right direction.

For a free initial consultation, contact Dan at 202-753-5047.



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